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Sponsor of the Clergy Advantage 403(b) Retirement Plan

Church & Clergy Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization with IRS church status and serves as the plan sponsor for the Clergy Advantage 403(b). We provide the benefits and features of a denominational plan to all ministers regardless of denominational affiliation. We facilitate enrollment and funding, compliance oversight, client service needs including distributions and loans, and offer strategic professional alliances to plan participants.

What Ministers Need to Know About Taxes

Clergy Advantage Tax Advisors can help you discover, maximize, and identify new areas of tax savings. Learn what’s possible and coordinate your strategies with the financial team for even greater results.

Features of the Clergy Advantage 403(b)

clergy advantage 403b

What Ministers Need to Know About Retirement

Clergy Planning Group specializes in ministers’ retirement. Lay a solid financial¬† foundation with the Clergy Advantage 403(b). Then build on that foundation using clergy specific tools and strategies that are often overlooked with traditional financial planners.