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Clergy Advantage 403(b)


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Designed for Ministry Professionals with Greater Flexibility, Superior Options, Ministry Expertise

Re-Invent Retirement

Tax-Free Income for Life

The Clergy Advantage® 403(b) Retirement Plan reinvents retirement for all ministry professionals, regardless of their denominational affiliations.  With plan features and strategies designed for ministers and customized for you, you can enjoy extraordinary opportunities in retirement.

Where will you be in 20 years or when you retire?

With the Clergy Advantage® Retirement 403(b) you can be sure that you’ll take your retirement plan and your housing allowance benefits with you wherever you go. Even if you leave ministry or separate service, it’s that simple.

How you use the unique clergy planning strategies is just as important as the right plan.

This plan can do so much more because of the specialized features combined with the clergy specific advice available to you. Enjoy greater peace of mind with more control and flexibility.

  • World Class Money Managers
  • Enhanced Features like Guaranteed Income and Roth Options
  • Clergy Retirement Expertise to expand ministry or retirement opportunities.
  • Peace of Mind with Personalized Clergy Specific Advice
Re-think the possibilities and expand ministry opportunities during retirement and before.

Tax-savings can start now with the Clergy Advantage 403(b) by reducing your Social Security tax on contributions. Ministers can also enjoy a complete sweep of of federal and state tax savings on distributions with the right planning. Receive all of these benefits with investment options that fit your values and are managed by World Class Money managers. Contact us for a free consultation today.

The Clergy Advantage® 403(b) is unique, just like you:

As a minister, you have features and benefits available to you in retirement planning that simply don’t exist for others. Your family and your future, not to mention your ministry efforts, can all benefit from those special opportunities.

  • Portability so it goes where you go, with your housing allowance distribution capability
  • Hassle-Free Administration saving time and money
  • Personal Investment & Housing Allowance Strategies tailored for you
  • Monthly Tax-Free distributions for ministers when set up properly
  • Dramatic Tax Savings now and later, even on Social Security Tax
  • Combined Tax and Financial Expertise for clergy specific strategies.
  • Personal Withdrawal Strategies using clergy tax benefits
  • Investment tools & options from successful world-class money managers
  • Effective Planning for both pastoral and non-clergy staff.