Financial Guidance for Ministers




Church & Clergy Alliance is dedicated to helping ministers recognize and understand the retirement and tax issues that can enhance their ministry opportunities and lifestyle.

Retirement for Ministers is Simply Different

Retirement for Ministry Professionals has a whole set of very distinct rules and possibilities. We consider them advantages. When ministers combine tax planning with clergy specific financial strategies greater opportunities emerge.   Begin the conversation with a complimentary retirement discussion to learn more or register for the free video,Tax-Free Money for Ministers.”


Your greatest financial instrument is a financial professional who really understands ministers’  unique tax and retirement opportunities. That’s why it’s our mission to form alliances with professionals you can rely on for help in learning about and using your retirement benefits to impact every area of your life and ministry.


Schedule a personal discussion with qualified clergy retirement specialists. Resources and workshops tailored for ministers will inform you of the facts and possibilities. Check out the free videos or schedule a workshop today. contact us to learn more.

Retirement & Financial Resources include:

  • Free Consultations and Educational Videos 
  • Retirement Plan Comparisons 
  • Clergy Specific Retirement & Housing Allowance Strategies 
  • Wealth Management & Legacy Planning
  • Disability for Individuals and Ministry Groups
  • Life Insurance; Group and Individual including Key Man Insurance for Ministers & Churches
  • Lifetime Gifting Strategies


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