Tax Free Money for Ministers 

This is undoubtedly our most comprehensive overview of the 3 Big Tax Advantages available to ministry professionals. The many practical take-a-ways are the result of 35 years experience and extensive learning. We’ve discovered over the years that there are still too many myths floating around about what is and isn’t acceptable practice regarding clergy taxes. These principles are presented in a delightfully enlightening format and are sure to set the record straight on a number of tax saving and financially benficial tips and practices that every minister should know.

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The Prepared Investor

“The Prepared Investor” is designed to empower the investor to make sound financial decisions and to inspire confidence in those decisions.  Typically, for most of us, investing is as much an emotional decision as it is a practical one. The world of investing is fraught with concern and often mis-information.  We’ll explore the two basic types of investments; stocks and bonds with the pros and cons of each explained and how to use them most effectively according to your individual goals and needs. Then the four major foundational concepts that every investor must understand to be successful are detailed in practical application.

Social Security

It’s vitally critical to all ministers when contemplating opting in or out of Social Security that they fully understand the pros and cons involved. Join us for this webinar to hear as our Clergy Retirement Specialist shows you the short and long term consequences of being in or out of the SS system with practical advice on how to navigate the best result for either decision.

Converting to a ROTH IRA

A ROTH IRA could be an invaluable tool for you in obtaining your financial goals. Hear from our financial experts as they explain what a ROTH IRA is and how it can be a part of your retirement plan. Learn about conversions and how that can impact ministers and be used in conjunction with other retirement strategies.

2012 Tax Court Case Emphasizes Minister’s Audit Vulnerability

Far too many ministers are vulnerable to an audit because their ministry expenses are not accounted for in the most tax efficient way possible. Steve Merriman, President of Clergy Advantage, will sound the call to evaluate your Accountable Plan for ministry expenses and answer real questions from clients about the stipulations for that plan from the IRS.

New Investment Options with Protected Growth and Reduced Risk

If you are wondering how to keep your investments safe from volatility while experiencing the growth you need to reach your financial goals in retirement this short presentation could be your answer. Our Clergy Retirement Specialist will inform you about a new investment option that allows you to participate on the potential growth with your investment, protect you from potential downsides, and do it all without any fees.

Wisdom of Great Investors

Join us for a look back through the practices of great investors of the past to gain key pieces of wisdom from their knowledge and experience and apply it today. This valuable information will open your eyes to the principles and practrices that successful investors have used so you can be a more informed and confident investor.